Friday, 19 May 2017

How to's in space

The universe is a huge world, it has the clusters of galaxies, stars, millions of planets! However the universe has lots of secrets in it. Supernova's are when two stars collide and form a massive energy of light. Gamma rays are 2 supernova's that can be very effective. But today we are watching videos about how to's in space. So here are 5 videos.

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  1. Hi Kareem Sita here!!!
    OMG, just that little bit of infomation said so much about space it is AMAZING!!!! I love all of the descriptive words you have used it make this so much better!!! I also love the way you set this out you make it sound like a very smart scientist has said this. It is so cool that you know all of this infomation!! I have one question... how did you find all of this infomation out did you use a book, internet or have you just known it for a while?
    Keep up the AWESOME work!!!
    Blog ya later!

  2. Hey Kareem, I really enjoyed reading your introduction! The videos are super interesting, I wonder which one is your favourite? If you could make a how to in space video what do you think it would be of?

  3. Hay!!Kareem, I relly loved learning about space. Mabey next time you could add full stops. Thank you good bye from kirsty

  4. Hay Kareem it is Nirvana
    This is amazing love this maybe you add some more about chris hadfield like if people not know how his is you can tall them so they so they not had to think about but this is amazing thank you fro this bye for now