Friday, 12 May 2017

What Earth has to support life!

Hi bloggers, today I will be showing you the things Earth has to support life!
This is a google drawing, it has labels and pictures if you need help.
Trying to make text/font clear.
Thank you for looking at this blog post.

Blog you later!!

PS: I use Google for slides, long stories, drawings and projects


  1. Hey Kareem, Its me Aryan here checking out your blog!
    This is really cool and the pictures are really good.
    Next time could you put a little bit more info into this.
    Anyways this was really cool, bye!

  2. Hi Kareem Freedom here and I love your sun because I thing it is cool and it is awesome.

  3. Hello Kareem Chloe here
    Just checking out this amazing blog and by that I mean I love this blog post.
    I love this because it reminds me of those importants of life and too me that is good.
    Iv got one qwestion
    What is your favorite matter in life?
    Mine is air fire and water.
    Blog you later bye.

  4. Wow kareem you're so smart and that tells us what we need to survive.And put some videos in.
    Blog you later!