Friday, 16 February 2018

Division Trick

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you a division trick if you dont know your times tables it would be hard.
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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sedentary Work

Hi, today I am making an interesting blog post, because I did not post from November 6 2017. I am going to write a fiction story using my creative writing skills. I am going to add language features too.
Characters: Michael (Worker 12), John (Worker 8), Boss, Ethan (Worker 1) and Daniel (Elite 2)
Story Title> Sedentary Work
Story> "Hey Michael" said John, "Boooorrreed" replied Michael

Monday, 6 November 2017


Hi everyone, today I got some good results in my Prototec today because I got a
it was really cool because even my certificate says 100%

also I put some extra stuff in my name, but I didn't use a calculator. TO_DO: Try to get at least 95% on Stage 6 or 85% on Stage 7
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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Athletics Animation

Hi, this is the 3rd blog post of the day, there is going to be an athletics animation coming out. Term 4 is close to 2018 and it is summer so I will add athletics animation.

Athletics Easttle 2017

Hi, this is a blog post about athletics on Friday, the information are in this piece of writing.

On Fitness Friday, it was the end of the week and it was athletics.
All Athletics on Fitness Friday, the juniors started at the morning and the seniors started after Morning Tea and the rest of the day. I was with the 8 year olds in the junior block (the rest of the eight-year old seniors were there too)
First we had to safety pin our points card to our uniform, the safety pin fell off so I had to put it in my jacket.
The first thing the 8 year olds did in athletics was long distance, it was so hard because when the teacher explained to us what to do… it was hard! The long distance track went around the field and we had to do 3 laps. The boys went first “On your marks, get set, go!” when the teacher said go, I was already losing because I think I was 2nd to last. We went around the track to turn left to long jump, over to the other side of the field. I think the girls started running when we were at the other side of the field. I started to jog to try a technique, so when you start slowing down you lose less energy and when the other people start slowing down, you can start sprinting. After running 1 lap and at the left turn I started to slow down more, I was pressured because someone was behind me. They passed me and when I passed long jump, I started sprinting fast, and I passed him, PUFF! PUFF! but when we were at the curve to the west side of the field, ZOOOM! he passed me. I started jogging and then when we passed the rugby goal post I started sprinting so fast. I still came last, the teacher said to rest first when she started putting the points, my score card fell off so someone gave it back to me. When the teacher finished putting the score, we had to head over to long jump.
There was a girls line and a boys line, the teacher told everyone that it is a practice. When all the people in front of me finished, I was wearing basketball shoes and they look very nice, but it wasn’t good for running. I ran then leaped at the green and the landed on the sand. I was good at it then after the rest of the people leaped, the teacher told it was time for the real one. When it was my turn I leaped into the air and landed, when they measured it, they told me to remember 1 85. So when there was the scoring, the teacher told the people that got 2 metres stand on the left and 1 something stand on the right. There were a bunch of people that got 2 metres like: 2 23, 2 14, 2 34. When it was time to switch, we went to Discus.
The other people were good at it but when it was my turn I had to go behind the cone that says 1. When scoring was finished
The bell rung, when it was Lunch play time I had no-one to play with because it was kind of funny that they were away and their friends were away too. So when it was eating time I ate, bell rung, checking behavior books. Off we head to shot put.
It was hard too because I keep on getting the ball outside of the space where you throw it. I got a 1, on the second time I got a 1 as well. The two next ones are my favourite.

On sprints I got a strong second place, on the semi-finals I got a tricky third place. On the finals, I got a strong second to long last. Then the one I was really good at, the Hard High Jump, first one in high jump was a piece of cake because I landed on my feet, second one was easy as pie. Third was not hard, and fourth was a soft yummy piece of cake, I landed on my feet again my dad said I stopped at the jump but I did not knock the bar off. Last year in athletics I came first in high jump, at first I felt that I was really good at athletics. I felt kind of excited.
To Do: Comment down below what I need to work on next time.

Prototec(4 and 5)

Hello, this is the Prototec series that happens almost everyday, this one is kind of different because I was not able to post number 4. The photos are big, the best certificate will be the one I will show.
The certificate was the one in Part 5, I feel  whakapehapeha which means proud.
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