Thursday, 11 May 2017

9 timetable

Hello, this is another blog post from Kareem and it is about 9 timetable and it is easy because starting off with 9x2 = 18 then the 1's column subtracts by 1 and the tens column adds by 1. Here are the photos
I got all right. I think I should work on the 12 times table and post it on my awesome blog. 
I got 100% and I got 8/8 questions right!
I think I should work on 2 times tables and post both of them in one post.
I am a master!!


  1. Wow Kareem! You are a master at this! Ka pai! Do you know all of your tables? It sure sounds like you are doing a great job.

  2. Bonjour Kareem it's Jorja
    I think this might just might be your best because it did say your a master a this so this must be you best. WHat is your favorite time table?Blog you later.

  3. Hi Kareem Elham is here!
    Wow You have improved a lot this year and I am sure that you've already know your 8s and 7s.
    I wish you can get you 12s right!
    Blog u later!

  4. Kia ora Kareem.
    I am so glad you have mastered the 9X tables. We will work on our other times tables and make sure we can recall them within 4 seconds.

  5. Hi kareem.Kaunteya here from gilberthorpe school.Nice to see you learning your 9 times tables.I might as well learn them to don't you think.And its also cool how you got them all right.Nice job kareem.