Sunday, 14 May 2017


Buoyancy is the ability or tendency of something to float in water.

For example: There is a ship in the ocean, the ship floats because it has buoyancy meaning it has the ability to float. If the ship gets hit by an iceberg it sinks because it creates a hole where water gets in. The ship becomes denser and loses its ability to float.

Archimedes  principle says that if you put a boat in the ocean the bottom of the boat is displacing water. If you weigh the water that is being displaced, it is equal to the force that pushes the boat upward which makes the boat float.

Example 2: There is 1 bowling ball and 1 basketball, if you put the bowling ball in the water it sinks because it has no air in it and it is solid. If you put the basketball in the water it floats because it has air inside of it.

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  1. Hey Kareem, it is great to read your understanding of buoyancy! Did you do any experimenting to find out these things? I think the bowling ball vs. the basket ball is a very simple way to look at it! Have you read anything about the Dead Sea? People can float in it! I wonder if you know why? Another fun thing is diet coke vs. normal coke! One can floats while the other sinks! Super interesting!

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    2. The dead sea lets people float because of the high salt concentration and due to the natural buoyancy, the dead sea is about 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.
      The diet coke floats because normal coke have denser materials and the diet coke has lighter materials.