Friday, 24 March 2017

My roll a dice story about Drago

Hi bloggers this is a roll a dice story it is when you have to roll a die and maybe you'll roll a 1 or a. Pretend there is a sheet with 1 = Dragon 1 = Jungle 1 = Run out of water and there is a character, setting and problem.
This is the story...
Once upon a time there was a fire breathing dragon called Drago looked like a big dragon with green skin. Drago was hanging out with his friend called Fireo, one day
Fireo was more stronger than Drago because he had the plasma fire. Plasma fire is 2x more flaming than normal fire.
Drago found a potion in potion class that he had to decipher. The text was GNIYLF DELLORTNOCNU Drago was sure it was a plasma potion but he drank it he fled fast to a hot hot desert. Drago went into a sand temple. The sand temple had an undo power but if he uses it he will undo the undo power. So Drago upgraded the power he found a text script in the sand temple it says “ DO NOT USE OR ELSE.” The rest was covered up with sand but Drago cannot handle the heat anymore so he undoes the past 5 minutes. But the undo power only works when it is 30 minutes. The only way to boost the cooldown is to heat it up so Drago heat up to 30C he was so hot…
The undo power worked!!! Meanwhile Fireo was in flying training class which is training to fly fast! His speed so far is 4mph. The time reversed by 5minutes so Fireo was in accuracy class. Next the time was now 3:55 which means 5:33 in NZ time.
Drago still had his past memory before the undo, he had to go to reading class. But he did not get any decoders. Then he went to decoding class, he had to go to the hot hot desert again and find the sand ore. He hustled back to decoding class and got a decoder for exchange. Drago went back to potion class but he needed the fire crystal to enter. So he went back to the hot hot desert but the problem was the fire crystal is 80 miles away. Drago hustled to the nearest lake to get 5 bottles of water. Drago knew that the sun leads to fire and fire leads to the fire crystal. But there was a jungle nearby in every direction so the sun was blocked. Suddenly there was a glow. Meanwhile Fireo was back in flying class not accuracy class anymore. Flying class was his last class until firehome time. So Fireo rushed to the house which was 1 mile away and rushed back. Drago found someone called Geo and he was a dragon who was an opposite of a dragon no wings, no fire but a dragon without any wings and can breathe ice. Drago asked him tiredly “ How did you get over here.” “ I have been searching for the fire crystal” Geo replied “ Well I am getting it first!” said Drago he fled so fast that he was only 7 miles away from the fire crystal. Geo rushed and he was 4 miles but Drago got it first so he got the fire crystal. He went to a shortcut so he was at potion class and saw that it was called “ Uncontrolled Flying .” So he was happy and understand what it is now.



  1. Hey Kareem, Miss M here. Great story - really interesting theme. I wonder what a roll a dice story is? It would be good to introduce it! Remember that every post needs to engage the audience. I like how you have mentioned the time difference - that was cool.

    1. Thank you miss morgan I have changed the post and put an introduction, is that right?
      From Kareem

    2. Much better! Also, I am wondering if you know what the past tense of fly is? You have written flyed in your story are you sure that is correct?

  2. Hi Noah here the servant of Mr Cool WOW kareem this story is awseome guess what youv'e actuly made my goal lol! KA PAI

  3. hi kareem i relly liked this epic story it was relly cool i think you shod make another one and make a slid show