Thursday, 7 September 2017

New Senior Hub Building!

On Thursday September 7th at school we moved to the new block after lunch, we had our tote trays because the old senior block will get demolished. It use to be the old junior block, but they moved to the hall, then the new building. So the old junior block got turned into a cool new senior hub. There are 4 big rooms: YELLOW, BLUE, PURPLE and GREEN (LIBRARY). The new senior hub is a collaborative space because all three senior classes: Tawa - 4-5, Rata 4-5 and Rimu 5-6. Are all moving into there and the walls are smashed down.  It is one whole area now.

Senior Hub Photos

I like the ovens because we can do baking and stuff. I'm worried people will bring their scooters and bikes on the deck. I will try to listen to the teacher.

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