Friday, 11 August 2017

Famous New Zealanders

This week in Rata Class we have been learning about famous New Zealanders, there are so many famous New Zealanders and some are on the NZ dollar notes.
$5 - Sir Edmund Hillary

$10 - Kate Sheppard

$50 - Apirana Ngata

$100 - Ernest Rutherford

Sir Edmund Hillary - First to climb Mount Everest

Kate Sheppard - Suffragette that helped lots of women

Apirana Ngata - Maori Politician that help lots of people

Ernest Rutherford - First to split an atom

There are still other people that are famous that are not in dollar notes.
(I left $20 note out because it was Queen Elizabeth)
Other Famous New Zealanders:
John Britten - Designed the worlds fastest motorcycle
John Key - A famous prime minister of New Zealand until 2017 when he resigned and was called "Sir John Key"
Bill English - Prime Minister since 2017
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