Thursday, 17 August 2017

Manaakitanga DigiAwards 2017 Animation

Today I have an animation I made to enter the DigiAwards 2017 Canterbury Awards, it isn't done when it is Tuesday, August 15, 2017, It is about Manaakitanga.

Manaakitanga means: Hospitality, respect and generousity

In the animation people show manaakitanga by: giving money - (generousity), good manners (respect) and respecting the enviroment (respect)

Here is my animation
It is hard to put the words in a different slide
Thanks for viewing


  1. Kareem, I love the fact that you have created your own characters rather than using someone elses, meaning you own the rights to use them without worrying about usage rights. Some of the words were hard to read before they changed. Perhaps you could slow the speed just a little, or duplicate the slides? I especially liked the teleportation!

  2. Hello Kareem! I am Isaac from Owairaka school.
    I love your animation about Manaakitanga and also loved the fact that the event took place in the future! I too like making animations and you can check some of mine out at
    Maybe next time you could add name tags or something so the next reader knows who the people are. Other than that, TOTALLY WICKED!!!
    Blog you later!

  3. Hi, my name is Owais from Owairaka School
    I like how have stuck to the topic Manaakitanga when designing your really fascinating animation. It shows truly that people are showing Manaakitanga and caring for others. It really made a difference when they travelled to the 25th century. They then saw how their hard work made a big difference to everything that happened. Maybe next time you can show who each person is somehow,because I got quite muddled up with who is who, otherwise it was a very good piece of work. I also make animations like you, but yours is truly a masterpiece.

    Blog you later,

    1. Hi Owais,
      thank you for your feedback and i will add nametags later in the story
      Blog You Later!