Monday, 17 April 2017

How to make a good blog post!

Hi, this is how to make a good blog post this is a procedure and it has very cool steps.

1. Start off by typing in your title.

2. Next you have to put your greeting in the start of your post.

3. Type your subject, what it is about and how it is done.

4. Start typing your body of your blog post and make sure it has good grammar and spelling.

4. If you want to insert a slide into the blog post follow the steps.
If you have learned this skip this until you go past the line.

Inserting slides 1. Go into the slide you want.

Inserting slides 2. Go into file and then go to the button that says " Publish to web.

Inserting slides 3. Go to embed and select some of the options.

Inserting slides 4. Click publish then copy all of the code.

Inserting slides 5. Go to your blog post and go to " HTML ."

Inserting slides 6. Paste all of the code inside the HTML and you are done!

5. Put an ending greeting and a question.

Goodbye, thank you for viewing this blog post and the question is

QOTD: What is your favourite car?


HTML -  Where all of the scripts go into.

Publish - Post into selected

Procedure - Short for saying steps.


  1. You are rely helpful!Thank you for your help and now I know how to put a slide on . put some color in .

    1. Thank you Kay-Lee I have changed some color and is that right now?

      From Kareem