Sunday, 30 April 2017

How there is day & night (SCREENCASTIFY)

Hi, this is my blog post and it is a screencastify blog post and you can play this. 

Out of this I learnt that the sun does not move even when it seems so. It is actually the earth that is rotating slowly, smoothly and at the same speed the reason why we do not feel any movement.

QOTD: What is your favourite fact about this presentation and why?


  1. Wow Kareem, what a fantastic video explaining how we have day and night! I think my favourite fact was that the earths rotation is 24hour long. You are speaking in a clear voice and the animation is interesting to watch! I would have enjoyed you reading out the facts on the last page, maybe this is something you can do on your next video mission! Looks like you are ready for a new challenge! - Miss M

  2. Kia ora Kareem.
    I really enjoyed watching this and it kept my attention for the entire presentation. You shared some interesting facts here. I am going to suggest that Rimu Class come and check out your blog.