Friday, 10 March 2017

Port Hills Fire

Port Hills Fire
There was a fire at the Port Hills. The fire was scorching hot. The fire was massive and hard to put out!
There was a wall of fire and it was so hot that it made some sheep turn black!
The fire was blazing and so massive really strong.  A lot of people had to evacuate their homes. There were so many houses that burnt in the the steaming hot fire! There was a helicopter crash because the smoke was covering the helicopter and the pilot couldn’t see.
Some people were so worried and the fire was scary. The fire was devastating for many people. The fuel for the fire was wood, trees and much more! Some oil exploded and the fires were turning into steam.  I saw the fire when I was in the car at Halswell Road.  I was taking pictures of the fire.
I didn’t know where the evacuation center was,  I think that it burnt a mansion or a theme park. People are scared because their house might be broken.
Some people’s houses were so close to burning, it’s a good thing they were safe.
After that there was some police  who knocked on the door and told to evacuate.
The people are not happy about the fire they were depressed and sad.  Approximately 1000 evacuations children would be scared.  People were in the evacuation center worried and scared. Some people had been looking at the fire from far away.
There was a helicopter pilot who was a soldier he died
His name was Steve Askin.
There are lot of people that volunteered for the fire. They did not get paid I don’t know why.
Helicopters were flying everywhere, pilots risking their lives to stop the Port Hills fire.
People survived and did not get hurt in the evacuation center.
Helicopter pilots were really brave, good thing there was rain to contain the fire for a while.
The fire was a really house stalking and very ginormous. Houses were burning and people don’t like it because it is sad. The helicopter station has lots of helicopter. The mass burning hill fire was massive!
This is the biggest fire I know and I take some pictures of it.
Bill English heard about the fire and he was mad.
The fire was still going on.
It was the worst February ever!!!
Lots of people heard about the fire and they were worried because they like Port Hills.
The fire went subterranean and firefighters can see the hotspots with a control.
The fire was still going on if the wind comes the fire will ignite.
It is really windy and rainy today. I hope the rain will go into the dirt and will put out the fire.
The rain is good and it is like a car wash the dirt goes away the fire goes away!
I think someone put a cigarette away and it cause a fire.

Fun facts:
The fire crept to many places at port hills and the helicopters are still rushing
Many people were lucky because they were not involved in the fire.

This people who evacuated were unlucky.
People that didn’t evacuate have a fair chance of evacuation.

People who live far away from port hills are lucky.

We don’t know how it happened.

The End


  1. Hey Kareem Miss M here, What an amazing story you have written. The fire did begin to destroy a bike park that had recently opened in the hills - Andy and I just bought new bikes to go up and ride it so we are pretty disappointed that the park has had to close. Next time maybe you could make the font a bit smaller, that way I could read more at a time before scrolling down? Or a slide would be a good option.

    1. Thank you miss Morgan I have changed the font size and fixed some spelling like creeped -> crept. Is that right now?
      From Kareem

    2. Awesome job! Looks great!