Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Digital Footprint

Kia Ora everyone, I am posting a digital footprint post and you should be careful about what you are posting on social media because someone might track you down or go into your account. Perhaps you could search your own name up and see what comes up. About 48% of employers search up an employees name to see if they have a good reputation or a bad reputation. It all depends on what you post online that can affect the amount of jobs you can get.
Here is a DLO that you should take a look at.
Here is a short checklist:
1. Search your name up

2. If there is an image/video that you dont want and it leads to 
one of social media page or website you should remove it ASAP.

3. Make sure you dont post anything else you dont want online

Blog You Later!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kareem, This shined because it has really good relevant information which is also easy to follow. The facts you have used are really good. I like the part where you say about 48% of employers searching employees names. What turned up when you followed your checklist?