Wednesday, 15 February 2017

About Me

Hi it is Kareem and I am going to describe myself and I hope you like it!

I am in Rata class in Gilberthorpe School in Christchurch in New Zealand

- My favourite colour is green 

- I don't have any pets but i do have 5 people in my family

- I don't like dogs chasing me all the time, being sick, hard tests, people interrupting and loud noises

- I like food, spelling, fries, pizza, seafood, playing games, blogging and quiet.

- I like a bit school, art, sleeping, reading and... a spelling test? maybe

- I want to be a doctor when I grow up

- I describe myself as clever, playful, nice, good learning in class time

- I am a senior in Gilberthorpe School

- My favourite game is Line Tag

- My favourite computer game is Roblox in roblox it is tycoon games

- I learn math using mathletics

-My favourite subject is math because I learn math a lot

- My 2nd favourite subject is spelling because I an good at it

If you want to visit mathletics you can sign up by pressing  Click Here

- My favorite TV show is Mighty Med and Lab Rats

- My goal is to learn 10 times table and 8 times table

- I go to school at 9:00 o'clock to 2:45 that means 5 hours and 45 minutes each day

- My school year is year 4

- I am good at spelling and punctuation

- I am not good at hard tests or hard and fast tests

- I am learning to swim better

- I am good at learning

- I can draw emojis

- I know about space

- My last thing I like is Gilberthorpe School!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you like it see you later ;D !

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