Friday, 7 July 2017


Hey Guys!
Have you ever been to a forest before?
If you haven't check out this post because it was fun!
At Timbernook you can have tons of fun!
There were shovels, sticks, you can even make bows and sticks for arrows.
I had fun climbing, running and using my imagination.
I really like doing athletic stuff too.
Sometimes I slipped and I got mud and dirt all over me.
There was also a climbing wall and I completed it two times!
There were swings!
Like a few swings...
There were only two swings.
But they were awesome!
I got dirt under my fingernails...
because I scratched some dirt...
by mistake.
I still had fun though the best thing was how the land was shaped and there were some activites too.
There were also some confusion with my senses when I went off the bus
and I went on the slope,
then my eyes..
..were confusing my feeling sense
because it was going diagonally
then my head felt weird.
It was really fun,
because it was my first time at a forest...
well not exactly
but at a forest that has to give you permission.
Basically it is a private forest,
because people might damage the nature.
The seniors put their bags at the far end,
while the juniors had to put their bags near the entrance.
That's all for today!
Cya later
for now...

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